Check out self-storage

Imagine you own a lot. You have lots of things brilliant storage. You have lots of stuff. The snowboard you only use a few times a year and the growing pile of “someday” books are all examples. You feel like you’re living in a hoarding reality show. Self-storage may be the answer. Imagine a self-storage unit as your personal lair. You might store seasonal gear, instead of costumes or gadgets. You could also store your vintage toys, which you believe will one day become valuable.

You can do more with these storage units than you imagine. You could use it to create your own jam studio. Yeah, you heard me right. You won’t have angry neighbors knocking at your door if you practice drum solos or sing songs at ungodly time. Before you begin, make sure that the facility is okay with it. Don’t let your rockstar fantasy turn into an eviction drama from a unit of storage.

For those that have converted their living rooms to makeshift gyms. (Who wants a couch when you can get a treadmill? Store your gym equipment. You can set up your own gym and not worry about tripping when going to the refrigerator.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right storage unit.

1. **Size Matters**: Consider Goldilocks. Goldilocks was just the right size, neither too large nor too small. It’s not necessary to waste money on space or risk stacking your items like Tetris, because you selected the wrong size.

2. Think about your items: Are they sensitive to extremes of temperature or humidity levels? If you want to protect your electronic devices and wood furniture, then look for climate controlled units.

3. Location is key: If you are planning on visiting a destination often, pick a place close to your home. Gas is expensive and so is time.

4. **Safety comes first** Check the security of the area. This may include cameras, gates, or even a Fluffy Guard Dog.

5. Insurance can protect you from life’s curveballs and hailstones. You can find out if the business offers insurance or if you’re covered under your homeowner/renter policy.

Self-storage is not about dumping the things you no longer need. This is more about creating space for what really matters (like being able to see the floor of your apartment). The extra space is liberating, whether you’re looking to start a new hobby, like a home pottery studio, or simply decluttering.

Consider self-storage the next time you are rummaging in piles of things that “I may use this one day” or contemplating turning your kitchen into an overflowing closet. It will free up your space and help you regain your sanity. Who knows, right? Who knows? Start by getting familiar with the basics.