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Roland Nikrandt
Featured Artist – Roland Nikrandt

After many years of dance and stage photography, Roland Nikrandt began People Photography in 2008. In a studio in Cologne he dedicates himself, now more than 7 years, entirely to the creation of surreal images of the direction Digital ART. Unmistakable is his attention to detail, which already shows in the studio while creating a character. Supported by a make-up artist, he creates in many cases, mostly intuitive, an outfit for his models. By contrast rich light setting then the foundation for the later electronic processing is laid.

The images created in this way are then modified by manipulation, transformation and reexposure by means of further photographs or paintings, so that the underlying, real image is merged with an imaginary idea. The result is a metamorphosis of photography and painting in a style reminiscent of old masters of painting.

Asked about his motivation, he gave the following statement:
“I love being creative. Likewise, I find it exciting to meet interesting people. This drives me to look for ever new inspirations and to use my knowledge, my time and my love for making visions and ideas visible. Being able to experience the happiness of making other people happy with a picture is simply indescribable!”



Cesar by Roland Nikrandt



Creator by Roland Nikrandt



Green Magic by Roland Nikrandt
Green Magic



Plated Maiden by Roland Nikrandt
Plated Maiden



Sultan's Garden by Roland Nikrandt
Sultan’s Garden



Transforming Angel by Roland Nikrandt
Transforming Angel



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